Relaxation Sessions and Body Rubs

What is a relaxation session?

A relaxation session is generally therapeutic in nature and necessary as the human body needs touch. It is NOT a massage. It is not intended to fix anything in terms of muscular issues. It is a light touch session in a relaxing and fun atmosphere with a lady ready to cater to you and help you handle your stress.

Please understand that each provider is different in the way they provide their services. Nobody is expected to do anything beyond what is advertised. Prostitution or sexual services are illegal in nature and should be taken into consideration before paying for your session. If you like your provider and feel that person has satisfied your needs, tipping is appreciated and recommended.

Please respect us as we respect you. Do not stalk us, harass us, or disrespect us in any way or you will be subject to being blacklisted. Reviews are fine but keep them clean and tasteful. If you had a good time, say so. If you didn't, say why. Going into detail not only hurts us as providers but you also are in jeopardy when you gossip online about us.

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